Every Umojah Nation show that I have attended is completely captivating. Audience members are absolutely drawn into the music and performance ...”

Nikki Lucas, Blogger - AdventuresMusicLife


Umojah Nation, Northeast Ohio’s inspirational reggae band, adopts its moniker from the Swahili word for unity–Umoja! While seeded in Jamaican roots and dancehall, Umojah Nation possesses an original style of reggae all its own. Led by the husband/wife duo, Tracey and Stefano are gifted singers and songwriters who craft songs with intelligent and thoughtful lyrics. Their intricate musical arrangements, draped over tasty bass lines and tight reggae rhythms, recall the great British bands Steel Pulse and Aswad from their late 70's heyday.

Based in Akron, OH, Umojah Nation has been a steady fixture in the music scene since 2006, performing in local clubs, city parks, large music venues, and festivals from Akron to Cleveland to Canton and beyond. A staple respected in the local reggae scene, Umojah Nation has repeatedly opened for national and international artists including The Wailers, Morgan Heritage, Sister Carol, Etana, Collie Buddz, and Arise Roots.  Fleshed out by a sturdy seven-piece cast of musicians and a heaven-sent chorus of back-up singers, Umojah Nation’s live performances are exceedingly vibrant and the band is capable of entertaining a most diverse crowd of any age or demographic. Which makes perfect sense; after all, Umojah is unity.

Umojah Nation is…

  • Tracey Aquart-Nguma (Lead vocals)
  • Stefano Nguma (Lead vocals / Bass)
  • Stacey Eutazia (Backing vocals) 
  • Ali Boyd (Backing vocals / Drums)
  • Julie Biggs (Keyboards) 
  • Mike Lenz (Guitar)
  • Anthony Waters (Guitar)
  • Junior Brown (Sax)

Sample Tracks

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